Yes, we are registered law firm in Lao PDR. We are fully licensed to provide legal advice and services on all areas of Lao PDR law. For now, we have chosen to specialise in labour and employment law matters in Laos with the exception of litigation services.

Please drop us an email at We have opted to move our operations online in order to lower the cost of our services to you by having less overheads. Should you need to speak with us, we can of course arrange a call.

We are a “NewLaw” firm and the first law firm in Lao PDR to operate exclusively online

The concept of “NewLaw” is seen as a disrupter to the dominant BigLaw or traditional law firm business model. The concept “NewLaw” is still evolving but we believe the three main takeaways are:

(1) Outcome-focused results to benefit clients

By promising “fixed-fees” upfront instead of “estimated fees” or “billable hours” we want our clients to know exactly what they will pay without any hidden fees or surprises.

(2) Improving accessibility of legal services

Through lower fees, free resources and offering pro bono assistance when we can, we are dedicated to improving the transparency and accessibility of legal services in Lao PDR.

(3) Harnessing the use of technology to increase productivity and efficiency

By moving our services online, we are able to accommodate flexible working arrangements for our lawyers in remote locations and therefore improve responsiveness to our clients beyond the traditional 9-5 working day. Our progressive tech-savvy lawyers will continue to find technological solutions to improve the delivery of our legal services.

No, our initial consultations are free. We do not believe in charging clients until we understand your specific needs and are able to identify the scope of work required to assist you. Until you sign our engagement letter, we will not charge you for such assistance.

Every matter is different. We will first need to understand your matter and needs in order to give you a tailored quote for the services you require. In some cases, it may be a question we are happy to answer for free. In other cases, we will evaluate your matter and provide you with a fixed-fee quote setting out our scope of work, cost and estimated timing.

Our fees are based on our best judgment of how complicated your matter is and the time it will take to complete your matter. In any case, our fixed-fee quote means that you will not be charged more than promised if the matter becomes unexpectedly protracted or more complicated (which is often the case in Lao PDR). Given the unpredictable nature of government enquiries and processes in Lao PDR, it is often difficult for us commit to exact time-frames. Rest assured, we will do our best to provide you with an estimated time of completion and regularly provide you with updates on you matter. 

Our engagement letter outlines a few methods of payment. We require clients to transfer the full payment amount upfront to us before we begin working on your matter. Your money will be held in our trust account and will not be released to us until we have completed our agreed scope of work. If you decide to terminate our engagement prior to the completion of our work, we will return your funds to you excluding the amount calculated for work that we may have already completed on your behalf.

Our firm is founded by two Australian lawyers who have extensive experience working as legal advisers in in Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam. The firm is supported by a dedicated team of local Lao lawyers and staff who work seamlessly to provide reliable legal assistance.